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The Parish Council does not have committees in the traditional sense, instead it has Departmental Committees which meet within the Full Council meetings and are each led by a Committee Chairman. Each Departmental Committee has various responsibilities and takes care of different aspects of the Council's operation.

Planning & Highways Committee

This Committee deals with the development control represenational functions of the Council as well as various environmental and highway issues. All planning applications received are carefully considered and, where appropriate, representations are made to the Local Planning Authority (the Borough Council). The Committee also deals with the monitoring of planning enforcement issues, parish council planning policy recommendations and other development control issues.

Highways issues include consultation and liaison with the Highways Department of the Borough Council and relevant enforcement agencies such as the Police.

The Committee Chairman is Councillor Andrew Luckwell.

Recreation & Open Spaces Committee

The main functions of this committee are to oversee the maintenance and operation of all the Council's recreational and open spaces including The Recreation Ground, Kings Field and Mumbery Open Space. The Committee also oversees the running of the Allotments, the Dog Walking Area, Community Orchard, footpath network and river frontage sites.

The Committee Chairman is Councillor Marion Pope.

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee has overall responsiblity for the Council's environmental projects including the two nature reserves - Mumbery and Chalk Pit. In addition environmental issues include liaison with the Grundons site operation on the very edge of the Parish, taking into consideration the views of the local residents

The Committee Chairmain is Councillor Andrew Cardy.

Policy & General Purposes Committee

Within the remit of this Committee falls policy and forward planning, financial matters, responsibility for building/facility leasesl. In addition the Committee has oversight of personnel matters and the administrative operation of the Council.

The Committee Chairmain is Councillor Andrew Luckwell.

Buildings Committee

As the name suggests, this Committee looks after all the Council's buildings including hire facilities such as the Woodclyffe Hall, Youth Building and Old Pavilion as well as other buildings and structures operated by the Council.

The Committee Chairmain is Councillor Philip Davies.


In addition to the above, the Council sets up various Working Parties as and when required to deal with specific issues. The findings and recommendations are reported back to the Full Council and the Working Party disbanded.

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