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The local council acts within the framework of legislation conferred on it by Parliament. The role of a Parish Council may briefly be described as follows :
  • Executive - As an executive body, the Parish Council has many statutory functions and, as the elected body of the parish, it has powers of decision.
  • Representation - The Parish Council often voices the views of its inhabitants on many issues. For example it makes representation on planning applications

  • Consultation - Several bodies including the Borough/District council consult with the Parish Council to gather local opinion and concerns. For example when a Local Plan is being drafted the Parish Council will be asked to consider it's impact on the Parish.

  • Promotional - The Parish Council is often the body required to take a lead on issues affecting the interests of its area. This is seen-as a natural role, as a local council may be the only body with initial access to information and with the resources and capability to act.

There is often an overlap between the representative, consultative and promotional roles of a local council.

Some of the statutory functions include providing and maintaining recreational areas within the Parish, youth facilities, footpath maintenance, and much more. The Parish Council is also the 'first port of call' for many residents enquiring about public services and the Parish Council endeavours to answer these queries as efficiently as possible. As a local government body the Parish Council deals with local issues and concerns through its principal powers and duties.

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